Eesti Land Roveri Klubi was established in 1998 as a non-profit association.  In winter 1998, a group of Land Rover owners came up with the idea of establishing a club to unite all the people in Estonia interested in this world-famous marque.
30 April 1998 was the date when the three founder members – Kristjan Vaarmann, Priit Pommer and Avo Jüris – founded the Estonian Land Rover Club (ELRK). The club that was established exactly 50 years after the first Land Rover was introduced to the markets, was registered on 25 May 1998 as a non-profit association.
The club seeks to unite Land Rover owners and enthusiasts from all over Estonia.
We wish to inform our members both about the past and the present of the popular Land Rover marque.
We try to provide car owners with information about maintenance and the availability of spare parts and accessories. We also hold social events connected with our hobby and try to establish closer connections with similar clubs elsewhere in the world.
Our club hopes to organise some joint events together with clubs from our neighbouring countries already in the nearest future. At the same time we aim at maintaining high standards of road culture and promoting nature awareness while camping out or caravanning.

The Estonian Land Rover Club accepts both natural and legal persons as its members

We have 4 very distinct seasons in Estonia to arrange different events. Winter offers drive-outs in deep snow and ice cold wheather. Spring journeys can be enjoyed in light green forests, summer meetings are held under the hot sun and autumn races can be held in deep mud.
We have 4 regular and traditional events during the year.
A winter trip, the birthday party of both Land Rover and of the Club, a summer trip and an autumn event.
Contact us to come and visit Estonia! Take part in our events or ask for guidelines on how to discover our small but interesting country on your own.
Here, in Estonia you can still drive off-road quite freely compared to most European countries. We have very few restrictions, so you can enjoy our wild and beautiful nature combined with hard off-road.
Should your car break down or anything else happen to it, don’t worry.  Call us, we can help you find a garage and find the spare parts needed (new or used ones). We have good connections with all major Land Rover specialists in Estonia.


2018 we are going to celebrated the 20th anniversary of our Club and that’s for we have openeing our new website. 

Take a look at our galleries and see with your own eyes what we have been doing during the past years. You are welcome to register to our forum  and express yourself in the English speaking corner.

Of course you can write to us at:

The following members of the Estonian Land Rover Club belong to the Board as of
Februar 06. 2020

Kristjan Vaarmann – the president of ELRK
GSM: +372 50 10 599

Indrek Nikker– member of tehe board
GSM: +372 53408157

The board is appointed for three years.

You can become an applicant member* in one of the following ways:

1) after finding an ELRK leaflet on the windshield of your car you can contact one the people mentioned in the leaflet and you will be sent an application form and other relevant materials;
2) download the application form (in estonian) from Club homepage  and e-mail, mail or fax it to us and we will send you a copy of the statutes and other relevant materials.
Granting the status of a member shall be decided by the Board of the club within 90 days after the receipt of a written application.
Anyone wishing to become a member must pay the following initial and annual membership fees.

Starting from 01.01.2012 the fees are following:
initial membership fee  32 EUR
annual membership fee 20 EUR

* A member can be any natural or legal person who adheres to the statutes, participates actively in the activities of the club and has paid the initial and annual membership fees.

Estonian Land Rover Club
Registry code: 80036638
Postal address: Vilde tee 121B-91,  Tallinn, 12613 Estonia
Phone: +372 5010599
Bank information: Swedbank, SWIFT/BIC: HABAEE2X
Bank account: *IBAN EE572200221011224641*